Sultry Seductions


Sultry Seductions Crew

Sultry Seductions Crew

Dwight and Angela, hosts of the Sultry Seductions Crew, have been going to Hedonism II for the last 14 years and are excited to continue hosting events in Jamaica.

Whether you are a newbie or have traveled many times to clothing optional resorts, your experience at Hedo II with the Sultry Seduction Crew will be a unique, no pressure, and adult fun environment. The people that join our group, the Sultry Seductions Crew, are a friendly, non-judgmental group of couples that enjoy the lifestyle and each other and we are proud to be part of that.

Category Nightly / Person
Garden View Reg $213.50
Ocean View Reg $246.00
Garden View Nude $237.00
Ocean View Nude $265.50

As part of Zoo Krew week,, you can enjoy 2 great groups and have a blast. Dwight & Angela along with Larry & Deb of the Zoo Krew have worked closely together on events in the Midwest USA for many years. That teamwork continues annually now at Hedonism II April 23 - 30 2022

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