Dominatrix of Ditties


Hedonism Weekend with the DOD October 3 - 10, 2020

Classes will include:

Swinging 201: Are We Gonna Fuck, Or What?

Let’s Get This Play Party Started!!! If you’re tired of spending hours of time getting to know the couple only to find out they don’t play, aren’t ready to play, or worse yet, the couple that is nothing but DRAMA...then this workshop is for you! You’ll leave this workshop with loads of information on how to find couples, approach couples both online and in person, what questions to ask to see if they’re DTF (Down To Fuck) and compatible with you and your partner. Learn 3 questions you should ask so you can spot the drama long before your play date, and how to exit your play session gracefully when shit goes south.


The Dominatrix of Ditties Comedy Show Piano Bar Takeover and Traci’s Birthday

Voted Top Female Lifestyle Entertainer 2015, 2016 & 2017, and Best Entertainer at Vegas Exchange 2013!!! The Dominatrix of Ditties is a nationally touring musical comedian, that “whips” up laughs with a sexy, refreshingly unique and fun musical comedy show about the swinging and BDSM lifestyles. The show is a collection of her experiences, many of which will be shared by you: becoming a nudist, getting into swinging, deciding between soft swap and full swap, being straight vs being bi, experimenting with BDSM, all while hiding this secret life from her family and friends! Listen and laugh while she shares her sexual experiences that span private encounters, swing clubs and conventions, house parties, dungeons and cruise ships...all with hilariously disastrous results!


Laughing about the Lifestyle; Comedy Story Telling Secrets by The Dominatrix of Ditties

If you’ve ever thought about being a comedian, or wanted to share your best, weirdest, and strangest lifestyle story...this class is for you! The Dominatrix of Ditties will give you tips on how to tell the best lifestyle story, which is YOUR STORY, in the funniest way possible. Learn basic joke writing skills and the story telling secrets of standup comedians so you can tell your best lifestyle story with amazing confidence followed by the laughter of your friends. You’ll have the next 3 days to ask Traci for advice, while you prepare your story for a special presentation on Friday night.

Erotic Meditations and Affirmations

The largest sex organ you have is YOUR BRAIN, so let’s use it in a new way to make your sex life even better! Attendees will have the option to participate in a fun, sexy, erotic meditation and affirmation session so you can experience first-hand the power of what your mind is truly capable of and the erotic pleasures waiting for you. You’ll also leave this session with a recording of the session which is yours to keep so you can enhance as needed.  Singles and Couples are welcome to attend. Cum as many times as you like! Attendees will receive bonus affirmation suggestions they can use for their continued lifestyle enhancement.

Laughing about the Lifestyle; your way!

For those who participated in The DOD class “Laughing about the Lifestyle” on Tuesday. Attendees will have the option to tell their best lifestyle story using the tips and tricks taught by the Dominatrix of Ditties.



Private Lifestyle Coaching Sessions - by appointment only

As a Certified Hypnotist & Certified Hypnotherapist with 10 years Lifestyle Experience, Traci will be available throughout the weekend to help NIN Attendees with any lifestyle challenges you may be experiencing. Common requests are performance issues with condoms and/or in a play room, being with a new partner, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. Traci also works in helping with self esteem and confidence issues, and/or transforming negative past experiences into empowering lives. Please email Traci at to see how a private coaching session would enhance your lifestyle experience. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

Traci’s Bio:

In the lifestyle 10 years, your edu-tainer, Traci, The Dominatrix of Ditties was voted Top Female Lifestyle Entertainer of the Year in 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. She’s also a private practice Certified Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist with over 2000 hours of training, as well as a published author of the book “Hey, And Other Scintillating Mating Calls From The Online Dating World.” 

Payment Plan

Deposit Due on Booking $250.00 /Person
A Total Of 20% is Due By: Friday, January 4, 2020 
A Total Of 80% Due By: Friday, May 31, 2020 
Full Payment Due By: Sunday, June 30, 2020


Purchase Cancel For Any Reason Waiver within 7 days of your initial deposit and you will be allowed to cancel or change your hotel arrangements up to the day of departure for any reason. This Cancellation Waiver does NOT cover flights, lost baggage, trip interruption or any optional activities such as sightseeing, spa/salon services, wedding license processing fees and extras. The Cancellation Waiver only covers the cost of your hotel stay. This waiver is from Hedonism II and not W.E.T. The Cancel For Any Reason Waiver may not be purchased after you have made your final payment for your Trip. Your trip must also be paid in full in order to file a claim. This Cancellation Waiver Benefit is provided by Hedonism II and is not an insurance benefit. IMPORTANT: THE CANCELLATION WAIVER DOES NOT OFFER A CASH REFUND BUT ALLOWS YOU TO CHANGE DATES WITHOUT PENALTY. THE VALUE OF YOUR HOTEL PORTION WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A FUTURE DATE UP ONE YEAR OF ORIGINAL TRAVEL DATE


Cancellation Terms
Any cancellation made Before 05/29/19 is subject to a $100 / Person Dollar cancellation fee.
Any cancellation made on or After 05/30/20 is subject to 25% Penalty
Any cancellation made on or After 06/30/20 is subject to 50% Penalty
Any cancellation made on or after 08/14/20 is subject to No Refund

Did you know if you booked 12 nights in the same calendar year you get $700 in Hedo Bucks!