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Hotel Cancellation Policy
Hotel Reservation Procedure &
Cancellation Policy

1) Any Group Booking reservation canceled 121 days or more before arrival is subject to a $150 per person cancellation fee. This will held in the form of credit. Credit is good for One year from the original dates travel booked.
2) Any Group Booking reservation canceled 60 - 120 day(s) before arrival is subject to a 50% cancellation fee of total amount.
3) Any Group Booking reservation canceled 59 - 0 day(s) before arrival is subject to a 100% cancellation fee of total amount.
4) All "No Shows" are non-refundable and subject to 100% of the total amount paid.
5) All "Partial stays" are non-refundable and subject to 100% of the total amount paid.
6) Nonrefundable portions may apply If you have purchased - Club Mobay – Hedo Cancel for Any Reason - VIP Transfers - JamWest - Travel Insurance And many other “addons” offer no (0) refund.


Upon receipt of payment we will issue your airport transportation vouchers (if applicable). While you do not need a hotel voucher to check in to the hotel, we suggest you keep copies of this email, airport transfer vouchers, payment receipts, and any other relevant information with you when you travel. NOTE: WE PROVIDE ALL DOCUMENTATION IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT—WE DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING TO YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE.

Don't forget that passports are required for travel outside of the United States. If your reservation is for a location outside of the United States we recommend you acquire your passport as soon as possible. NO PASSPORT-NO TRAVEL-NO REFUND!!


Responsibility and limits of liability. These terms and conditions apply to all persons purchasing travel from, or traveling on arrangements made by, World ET, LLC. DBA World Exotic Travel,. World ET, LLC. shall have no liability for, nor any obligation for, refund or adjustment of money paid as a consequence of interruption, delay, cancellation or other interference with travel, accommodations or other vacation services resulting from, but not limited to: illness, accident, weather conditions, natural disasters, labor disputes, air or ground traffic conditions, security procedures, criminal acts, government actions, or other causes of any kind beyond the control of DPP Enterprises, Inc. Furthermore World ET, LLC. shall not be liable for any consequential damages. The sole extent of liability of World ET, LLC. shall be limited to the amount paid by you to World ET, LLC.

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